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    Resolute History   

    Resolute was built in 1936 at Wilmington Boat Works

under the personal supervisionof her designer Naval Architect Hugh Angelman. 

Resolute was owned by various yachtsmen in her first five years including

Spencer Tracy, Dick Powell, and Huntington Hartford.

   The Fabian family has owned her since World War II and they used her solely as a yacht for a few years. 

Resolute made two Trans-Pacific races from Los Angeles to Hawaii, several Acapulco races,

and numerous other shorter competitions. 

When it became impractical for the Fabians to keep Resolute as a luxury any longer,

She became a working ship and was brought up to Coast Guard regulations for carrying charter groups. 

Originally, most of her charters were geared towards adults,

but as time went on, she became more and more dedicated to youth group work

and in particular with Mariners and other scout groups. 

This has been tremendously satisfying to the Fabians

to be a part of educating so many young people in safety on the sea.

and having a good time doing it.


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